Team activities

I woke up early to go to TechPeaks bootcamp where we started meet each other while having breakfast.

Today I get to know a lot of people, Damiano (we met once before at Meme Coworking), Paolo (TechPeaks team leader), Evan (one of the mentors), Ivan, Tom, Riccardo, Tibor, Kirill, Bianca, Alessandro, Giancarlo, and many other (we’re about seventy people attending the program).

We took the bus and we went to make some outdoor activities.

At Malga Candriai Paolo introduced the TechPeaks program.

We chose outdoor activities between four different activities. I went for a walk for the orientiring where you have a map, a compass and some checkpoints to reach and then I tried the pulley, once you win the fear of void it’s cool to go down with it!


After those activities we started a little contest: four teams challenging each other on making tents and climbing. I’m not a scout person nor a sporty person but I had fun watching my team winning the competition.

We spoke about factors helping teams having success. We came out with a lot of stuff like trust, communication, complementary skills, critical thinking, but in the end I think the most important factor of success is commitment.

We came back to Trento center for dinner where we had some canederli and we tasted some Trentino tipical wines.

Today has been a cool day, I didn’t like so much team building activities but I must admit that it’s been a clever way to get to know each other without making aseptic introductions.