Results from our last experiment validated our hypotheses. We built a concierge: a google form with five questions to get motivated about your diet habit but we didn’t experienced our solution because we were out of time.

Adam spoke about refining versus exploration. You should explore to find the real problem to solve and only after this process you should start refining your solution otherwise it’s hard to know if you’re refining the solution to the right problem.

Riccardo pitched about the process we followed and our resulting solution.

Michele won with Climb Guru, a service to announce weather to climbers. He also succeeded in selling his solution to some climbers.

A great advice from Evan I forgot to mention earlier: “you fail yourself if you don’t help at least one person every day”.

We had an aperitif with mentors from the Lean Startup Machine. I met Toti, a friend of Damiano who is running his own startup in Palermo.

We went to eat some tasty Trentino food and that we headed to the first TechPeaks unofficial party. We were chatting, drinking and dancing but somebody called the police so we had to stop the party. I had fun, we should repeat the experiment!